Make a Referral

Anyone can make a referral to Nebraska's early intervention system. An infant or toddler may receive early intervention services if:

  • the family lives in Nebraska;
  • the child is birth through three years of age; and
  • the child meets the eligibility criteria for Nebraska's early intervention system.

An infant or toddler should be referred if they have:

  • A suspected significant level of developmental delay in one or more developmental area(s): cognitive, adaptive, communication, social/emotional, and/or physical (including vision, hearing)
  • A diagnosed physical or mental condition that has a high probability of resulting in a significant developmental delay.

Referrals and questions regarding services for infants and toddlers birth to 3 years old with disabilities should be made to the local Early Development Network Referral Agency of the child/family or call: 

  • Nebraska Child Find (toll Free) at 1-888-806-6287
  • For more information on Nebraska Child Find for all children, please visit:

Make a Referral

Infants and young children are learning about their environment and developing skills in many areas at the same time. Every child is unique and differences in their rate of development can be expected. However, there are some guidelines to help parents and professionals to determine how a child compares with most children their age.

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