Verification Guidelines for Children with Disabilities

The purpose of this technical assistance document is to provide assistance to multidisciplinary evaluation teams as they assess each child who is referred for an evaluation to determine if he/she is a child with a disability and in need of special education services. Nebraska state law declares, "The board of education of every school district shall provide or contract for special education programs and transportation for all resident children with disabilities who would benefit from such programs." Neb. Rev. Stat. 79-1127 

The verification of children with disabilities is one of the most important aspects of both federal law and state special education regulation. It is important that children who need EDN/special education services receive them. The verification process is the means for determining those children who are in need of EDN/special education services.

The development of the Verification Guidelines for Children With Disabilities Technical Assistance Document has involved much research, discussion, planning and development by many parents, educators, administrators, and Nebraska Department of Education Special Education Office staff during the past several years. The process began in the late 1990's when discussions were initiated to develop a verification process that would be a decision-making process by the multidisciplinary evaluation team (MDT) rather than simply a decision based on standardized testing.

Verification Guidelines Disability Specific Videos: