The Getting Ready Approach is a child and parent-focused intervention focused on improving child outcomes. Key components include: 1) strengthening relationships between parent and child, and parent and professional; and 2) building parent competencies for enhancing parent-child interactions. The Getting Ready Approach utilizes utilizes Part C early intervention home visits as the context for implementation.

Facilitating parent-child engagement is an evidence based practice which strengthens the parent-child relationship.  See examples in these two videos:

Example 1    Example 2

The webinar recordings below are intended to enhance early intervention professionals' between visit communication, a key means of supporting parents and caregivers between home visits with providers and services coordinators.  Being intentional about planning for this bi-directional communication, extends intervention across time, particularly where there are the most opportunities for parents and caregivers to create change.

Watch the webinar recordings

These modules are only accessible to planning regions who have attended the Getting Ready Home Visit training provided by the state

Getting Ready Online Training Modules

Integrating Getting Ready into Services Coordination Documentation

In this video library, you will find exemplar home visit clips from Nebraska early intervention providers and services coordinators illustrating the Getting Ready Approach to quality routines-based home visits. The password is the same as the one for the Getting Ready Online Modules.

Getting Ready Approach Video Library