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Early Intervention (EI) Process for Initial Referrals When Using the RBI

Membership on the Planning Region Team (PRT) is a serious responsibility. The member’s role is that of reviewer of data/information, gaps and barriers eliminator, decision maker, communicator, and committed community leader. This Team has numerous goals and objectives. All members need to be active participants.

This technical guide outlines the processes used by the Nebraska Part C Co-Lead Agencies, Nebraska Departments of Education and Health & Human Services, to generate the Part C performance report 2013-14 and complete the annual PRT determinations 2015.

Part C State Systemic Improvement Plan

The Nebraska Open Meetings Act guarantees that every meeting of a public body shall be open to the public in order that citizens may exercise their democratic privilege of attending and speaking at meetings of public bodies.

Open Meetings Act (Excerpted) Effective August 20, 2009

These documents are for any parent who has a concern regarding the development of their infant/toddler or whose infant/toddler has health care needs

The Nebraska Co-Leads have created the EDN Networking Newsletter to keep you in touch with current events in the Early Development Network (EDN) through brief news stories that highlight current topics of interest.

Examples of materials for use when organizing and preparing for an Early Childhood Planning Region Meeting.

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