When there is someone in your family with special needs, you may find yourself looking for answers. is Nebraska’s support and information connection for families and professionals seeking assistance. This web site is a collection of articles, resources and referrals.

Developmental TIPS is a developmental follow-up program coordinated through the Munroe-Meyer Institute at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in collaboration with Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Nebraska Department of Education, and 10 area hospitals.

The Family Care Enhancement Project (FCEP) places Parent Resource Coordinators (PRCs) in medical clinics to provide information and support to families that have children with disabilities and special health care needs.

Answers4Families hosts a number of email discussion groups for Nebraskans with special needs. These email discussion groups allow you to communicate via e-mail with other people who are interested in the issues facing the specific target groups.

ATP is a resource for individuals with disabilities for borrowing and purchasing assistive technology equipment and for consulting with specialists regarding accessibility issues.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently launched Physical Developmental Delays: What to Look For, an interactive online tool for parents of children ages 5 and under to use when they are concerned about their child's motor development.

Between birth and three years of age, children begin to learn that they can communicate with adults through crying, gestures, expressions, sounds, and later through words or other alternative methods.

Infants and young children are learning about their environment and developing skills in many areas at the same time. Every child is unique and differences in their rate of development can be expected. However, there are some guidelines to help parents and professionals to determine how a child compares with most children their age.

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