By the time you complete your first 6 months on the job, you should be able to understand the following topics, at least at a level of feeling familiar and comfortable in team meetings and interactions with colleagues and families.
The Early Childhood Training Center provides the state leadership for the Early Learning Connection, Nebraska's early childhood professional development system.
The Getting Ready Approach is a child and parent-focused intervention focused on improving child outcomes. These modules are only accessible to planning regions who have attended the Getting Ready Home Visit training provided by the state
This online training is focused on providing information and resources that all home visitors can use. It will provide you with the foundation of working with parents in the home and will guide you in the basics of communication, family systems, coaching, and the principles of home visitation. You will be required to login to access the online training.
A self-paced tutorial designed to help Nebraska parents and professionals create better Individual Family Service Plans (IFSPs) for young children with disabilities
The purpose of the Services Coordination Online Training is to support consistent service coordination throughout Nebraska, create competent services coordinators and enable community early intervention supports and services.
SpecialCare was brought to Nebraska through a coordinated effort of the Nebraska Department of Education and Health and Human Services. The goal is to train child care providers across the state.
This is a free online training for EDN professionals to assist them in their court involved CAPTA cases. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end. Total training duration: 3 hours