Annual Performance Report 2008-2009

Overview of the Annual Performance Report Development:

The State Annual Performance Report is to be submitted annually in accordance with the 20 U.S.C. 1416(b)(2)(c)(ii)(ll) and 1442. The first APR was submitted February 1, 2005. In the February 1, 2010 APR submission to the federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), the State is required to provide a description of the process the State used to develop the APR. The descriptions must include how and when the State will report annually to the public on (1) the State’s progress and/or slippage in meeting the measurable and rigorous targets found in the State Performance Plan (SPP); and (2) the performance of each local educational agency located in the State on the targets in the SPP. Read more on the Process Used to Develop the APR.

Indicator #

Indicator Topic


IFSPs in a timely manner


E.I. services at home or in community-based settings


Infant and toddler outcomes


Family outcomes


Birth to age 1 children served


Birth to age 3 children served


Evaluation and initial IFSP within 45 days


Transition at age 3


Noncompliance corrected within one year


State complaints resolved within 60 days


Due process completed within 45 days


Resolution sessions that result in agreement


Mediations that result in agreement


618 data on time and accurate

Reporting to the Public

Nebraska EIS will use the Early Development Network website to annually report to the public on Nebraska progress and/or slippage in meeting the State Performance Plan (SPP) measurable and rigorous targets. A link to the Annual Performance Reports and the public reporting can be found on the EDN webpage at Reporting of individual regional data for FFY 2008 (2008-2009) is posted for public viewing at

Note: Updates to the State Performance Plan (SPP) are shown in italics in the revisions section at the end of each indicator

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