Developmental Milestones - 25 through 30 Months

Physical Development

  • Can jump in place and walk on tiptoes.
  • Walks up and down steps putting both feet on each step.
  • Can walk backwards.
  • Holds pencil with thumb and forefinger.
  • Can zip and unzip.
  • Can pull off own clothes.
  • Helps to put things away.
  • Toilet training is in progress.
  • Builds towers of 6 to 8 cubes.
  • Drinks from a cup without spilling.

Social & Emotional Development

  • Initiates own play activities.
  • Wants routines to be "just so" and does not like changes in routines.
  • Has a hard time waiting. Cannot delay gratification.
  • Has a hard time sharing things.
  • Has established a place in the family and knows own sex.
  • Observes other children at play and joins in.

Intellectual Development

  • Often calls self by own name.
  • Speaks 50 or more words, has a vocabulary of 300 words.
  • Uses phrases and 3- to 4-word sentences.

Developmental milestones associated with feeding

  • Can use a straw.
  • Chews food with mouth closed and shifts food in mouth.
  • Distinguishes between finger and spoon foods.
  • Holds small glass in one hand; replaces glass without dropping.
  • Uses spoon correctly but with some spilling.