What is Early Development Network Services Coordination?

Services Coordination means a central contact person, known as the services coordinator, is assigned to each family. Services Coordination helps families of children with special needs below age three:

  • find services to meet developmental, educational, financial, health care, child care, respite care, and other services to meet their needs
  • link with needed services
  • work with multiple providers to make sure services are provided as needed
  • become coordinators of services for their own children in the future

Why is Services Coordination needed?

Because families of children with disabilities often need many different services the Services Coordinator is instrumental in working with the agencies that provide these services to make sure the child and family get the help they need. The Services Coordinator also informs families about services available in the community, makes sure services are delivered smoothly and properly, and informs families about advocacy and support groups. Families are entitled help from a Services Coordinator up to the time of the evaluation and after the evaluation if the child is verified as having a disability.

Services Coordination Brochure

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