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FAQ 101 - IFSP Outcomes
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How to Conduct an RBI With a Parent Who Has Two Children in Early Intervention
Routines-Based Early Intervention with Diverse Families  

RBI Training Resources

The Routines Based Interview (RBI) training practices are required steps for any services coordinator or early intervention provider interested in using the RBI as their child and family assessment, as per 92 NAC 52 and 480 NAC 1.  The 7 components are linked below, with components  2 and 5 in webinar and PowerPoint format.

NE RBI Required Training Practices ​

RBI Introduction and Overview

Writing Functional Child and Family Outcomes

Updated RBI Implementation Checklist

The RBI Implementation Checklist Scoring Rules were recorded during a coaches meeting prior to, and in preparation for a Routines Based Interview Boot Camp. Tina Kilgore facilitates a review of the Implementation Checklist (updated 2023) with a group of RBI internal coaches from some of the PRTs across the state. We wanted to make it available to all PRTs to encourage its use to build coaching consistency within your early intervention teams. Tina references the Family Priorities Form, the RBI Question Tracker Matrix and Tips for Coaching at RBI Boot Camps during the video.

Please open/print the RBI Implementation Checklist Scoring Rules while you watch the video so that you can follow along, make notes, etc. Also, RBI internal coaches should be familiar with Nebraska's RBI Fidelity Process.

If you have questions about the checklist please contact your regional RBEI TA.

Following are resources that can be helpful to teams who are in the process of learning how to conduct the RBI.

MEISR Crosswalk with GOLD

RBI Video Clips

The following clips are from the same RBI. They represent 2 routines and the list of priorities.   The routines include engagement, independence and social relationship questions. The list of priorities demonstrates how the interviewer facilitates more priorities from the parent using information from the RBI.

Mealtime at Grandma's

Mealtime with Sister

List of Priorities

Using In-Depth Questions in the RBI

These sets of video clips were created by Amy Jenkins of the Siskin Children's Institute as examples of how to best explore family routines during the RBI. The first clip in each set depicts the basic structure of the RBI without the use of in-depth questions, i.e. examples which provide an ineffective description of a family routine. The second clip in each set shows the same routine as the first, but this time the interviewer uses good follow up questions and as a result, gets a rich description of the family routine that providers a clear picture of the child within the context of his family activity, the result of an effective RBI.

Outings 1 - Few In-Depth Questions

Outings 2 - Lots of In-Depth Questions

Wake Up Time 1 - Few In-Depth Questions

Wake Up Time 2 - Lots of In-Depth Questions

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