The term “early intervention" is important because research shows that the first three years are the most important time for learning in a child's life. Providing developmental supports and services early improves a child's ability to develop and learn. Also, it may prevent or decrease the need for special help later. The goal of early intervention in Nebraska is to “open a window of opportunity” for families to help their children with special needs develop to their full potential.

The Early Development Network-Babies Can't Wait can help you and your family support and promote your child’s development, within your family activities and community life. Nebraska’s Early Development Network supports children birth through three years of age who have special developmental needs. The Nebraska Early Development Network program “connects” families with early intervention services, such as occupational, speech or physical therapy, to help infants and toddlers grow and develop and help their families in this process. It is a voluntary program and does not discriminate based on race, culture, religion, income level, or disability.

EDN - Babies Can't Wait

This educational video explains about the Nebraska Early Development Network

EDN-BabiesCant Wait from Answers4Families on Vimeo.

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