Learn more about the Getting Ready Approach for Routines-Based Home Visits

Learn more about the Getting Ready Approach, Nebraska's Chosen Evidence-Based Practice for Implementing Routines Based Home Visits

This video of a provider and family illustrates key practices in evidence based home visits, including parent-professional partnerships, supporting parent-child interaction, and integrating strategies within natural learning opportunities and routines

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Learn more about coaching in home and community settings

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, together with several community partners in Connecticut, has published a video series titled, Foundations of Coaching in Early Childhood: Partnering with Parents and Professionals.  The video series is a training resource for early childhood coaches, based on the 5 key characteristics of coaching as outlined by Dathan Rush and M'Lisa Shelden.  These characteristics can be applied to a number of early childhood settings.  The full video is about 20 minutes long and is broken into short chapters for each characteristic:   Joint Planning, Observation, Action/Practice, Reflection and Feedback.  Featured in the series are three coach pairings, two coaches with child care providers and a PT with a family and toddler. 

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