Developmental Milestones - 31 through 36 Months

Physical Development

  • Puts on shoes but cannot tie laces.
  • Tries to catch a large ball.
  • Can throw the ball overheard and kick a ball forward.
  • Can stand, balance and hop on one foot.
  • Pedals a tricycle.
  • Climbs up and down a small slide by him/herself.
  • Can jump over a 6-inch barrier.
  • Can feed self with spoon and fork.
  • Can use toilet independently.
  • Can brush teeth and wash hands.
  • Is interested in handling food and cooking procedures.
  • Avoids simple hazards.

Social & Emotional Development

  • Begins associative play activities.
  • Names or points to self in photos.
  • Joins in nursery rhymes and songs.
  • Likes praise.
  • Has greater impulse control.
  • Dawdles
  • Shows sympathy, modesty and shame.

Intellectual Development

  • Talks so that 75 to 80% of his speech is understandable.
  • Uses 3- to 5-word sentences.
  • May stumble over words (sometimes, this is not usually a sign of stuttering).
  • Verbalizes toilet needs.
  • Uses plural and increases use of verbs.
  • Begins use of adjectives and prepositions.
  • Vocabulary of 900 to 1000 words by 3 years.
  • Uses verbal commands.
  • Gives full name when asked.
  • Asks "What's That?"

Developmental milestones associated with feeding

  • Spills small amount from spoon.
  • Begins to use fork; holds it in fist.
  • Uses adult pattern of chewing, which involves rotary action of jaw.