What is it? 

The free resource is an online curriculum for learning American Sign Language (ASL). It’s called SignIt ASL. NCHAM has partnered with the Signing Time Foundation to make this resource available for free to families of 0-3 year-old children who are DHH who want to learn ASL. 

Why is this resource needed? 

Approximately 8,000 babies are born each year with congenital hearing loss – more than any other condition for which newborn screening is done. More than 90% if these babies have two hearing parents. Families who want to learn ASL to communicate with their child who is DHH have had a difficulty finding pedagogically sound, engaging, and affordable material. SignIt ASL answers this need. 

What do I need to know about this ASL curriculum? 

SignIt ASL teaches conversational American Sign Language (ASL) to adults and children ages eight and older. 

  • This online curriculum is interactive, entertaining, and engaging. 
  • Instructors are professional actors (both deaf and hearing) who are fluent in ASL. ü Videos are used to demonstrate conversational ASL, teach ASL grammar, and raise awareness about Deaf culture. 
  • Learners can complete the lessons at their own pace, get immediate feedback through quizzes, and track their progress as they move through the course. 
  • Participants must be online to take the course. 
  • You can watch excerpts from Lesson 1 here or go to https://infanthearing.org/signit/sign-it-video.html

Who qualifies to get it free? 

Funding from government and private entities allows us to offer this curriculum at no charge to any parent with a child who is deaf or hard of hearing AND is 36 months or younger. 

How do qualifying families access this free resource? 

Interested parents can complete an online application here or go to https://www.infanthearing.org/signitto register and get an email with their Unit 1 coupon code Once they complete the five lessons in Unit 1, they can request their code for Unit 2. Note: Unit 3 will be released soon.