Early childhood transition is the process of change within or between services that involves children, families, other caregivers, and service providers. The transition process should fulfill the following four goals:

  1. Ensure continuity of services;
  2. Minimize disruption of the family system;
  3. Promote child functioning at home and in inclusive school and community settings;
  4. Involve planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation within and between programs and with the family.

Transition may occur when there is a change in agencies, programs, location or type of services, providers, program/child/family status, or funding sources.  (Adapted from DEC Recommended Practices 2005)

Transition Planning for Part C to Part B Special Education Services

This module is intended to provide information and resources to families, services coordinators, school districts, practitioners, and other agencies involved in required transition planning for children birth-age 3 with disabilities and their families.

The purpose of transition planning should be to effect a positive and smooth transition that encourages continuity of programs and provision of services on an uninterrupted basis.

The identification and implementation of steps and activities for the early intervention transition are required, but the overall goal of the process should be for the family to feel as prepared as possible and be as involved as they wish to be in creating a successful transition.


Practice Transition Training
The following 3 case studies were developed to give you an opportunity to reflect on and problem-solve situations which may arise in transition planning.

Logan Case Study 1
Marliuz Case Study 2
Jacob Case Study 3

Sample Transition Plans


Transition FAQ

One Family's Transition Experiences
View a series of video excerpts from a family who recently experienced a transition from Part C to Part B services.

Preparing for the transition:
Dad's Hopes for Preschool
Comparing IEP and IFSP Meetings
Deciding to Send Child to Preschool
School Prepares for Child
Services Coordinator talks about transition to IEP
Alone Time for Parents + 2 Questions
Getting Out the Door
Driving to School

After transition:
Child Changes after Preschool Transition
Parent reflections after Preschool Transition
Advice for Parents and School Teams
Dad's Advice for Other Parents

Annual Transition Notice
Sample wording for the “Types of Services and Locations Discussed” text field in the Annual Transition Notice.

Annual Transition Notice Sample 1 into Part B Services
Annual Transition Notice Sample 2 into Community Services
Annual Transition Notice Sample 3 into Part B Services
Annual Transition Notice Sample 4 into Part B Services