Welcome to early intervention in Nebraska! We are pleased to have you on the team! 

In order to help you understand Nebraska’s Early Development Network, its history, its policies ad principles, and the important role you will play in families’ lives, we suggest you begin by following "These Eight Steps to Understanding My Role in Nebraska’s EDN Services".  It should be possible to complete the eight steps within the first 3 months on the job.  ESU/district-employed providers may find it possible to get through the steps in a month while contracted providers and those with very small caseloads may find they need more time.

Step 1. Spend time reviewing this "Orientation"  website before beginning any services with families. Estimated time: equivalent to 4-5 hours

Step 2. Ask for and review the documents and files for the families assigned to you. Look them over and begin making notes and questions to ask others on the team. 

Step 3. Make an appointment to meet this first week with your team Service Coordinator. Bring a set of questions to ask about Early Development Network, cases etc.

Step 4.  Ask your Employer/Supervisor who is on your “Team”. Ask who among them are the more experienced early interventionists (not the Services Coordinator).  Ask if any one of them has been designated as your “Mentor”; if not, could you have a Mentor assigned in the weeks ahead? Make an appointment this first week to meet with one of more experienced team members for a quick Q/A after you finish a review of some "Orientation" information in Step 1. 

Step 5. Introduce yourself to your team members, in person if you can; at least send a brief bio to them in an email.  Begin a relationship; tell them your excitement, and your fears/worries. Ask a work-related question and see what response you get; it can tell you who your “go to” people will be.

Step 6. Make arrangements with one or more team members to shadow them on THEIR scheduled visits to families that may not be on your caseload. 

  • Reflect on what you saw in visits
  • Discuss with Mentor or experienced early interventionists

Step 7. Schedule your fist visits for families on YOUR caseload; arrange for the first of each to be with a team member who knows the family, if at all possible.

Step 8.  Make a weekly meeting time with your Mentor, or one willing & experienced early interventionist on your team. Discuss the videos and documents provided in the "Orientation" website (see Step 1 above), and possibly other resources provided in greater depth, or review for clarity now that you have been out—and-about. 

Good Luck and have fun! It's a great job!