estimate: 60-90 min.

What are the core values and beliefs for Nebraska’s Early Development Network and its early intervention services?

What is meant by the term "natural learning environment?

Principles for providing Early Intervention in Natural Environments

Natural Learning Opportunities

What is an IFSP?

Read each of the sections below from the IFSPweb

What are functional goals/outcomes for IFSPs and why should we aim for them?

Functional Participation-based IFSP/IEP Outcomes/Goals

Purpose of IFSP/IEP Outcomes

What is a primary coach approach to teaming?


13 Key Elements of Family-Centered Services

A Practitioners Guide to EI/ECSE in Nebraska for Young Children with Disabilities Birth to Age Five and Their Families

The Cornerstones of IFSPs

Why inclusion for young children with disabilities?