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As a parent of a child with a disability, you have certain rights which are guaranteed by state (Rule 51) and federal (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act {IDEA}) laws.

IDEA Early Intervention Family Guides and Companion Videos

These four family guides are designed to explain the dispute resolution options under Part C of the IDEA: mediation, written state complaints and the due process complaint and hearing procedures specific to families with infants or toddlers with disabilities. These guides have been translated into the following languages other than English: Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese.

  • The Early Development Network (EDN) provides services and supports based on the needs of children

  • Entender los derechos familiares en red para el desarrollo temprano de Nebraska

  • Understanding Family Rights in Nebraska's Early Development Network

  • This document is for any parent who has a concern regarding the development of their infant/toddler or whose infant/toddler has health care needs.