Special Care was brought to Nebraska through a coordinated effort of the Nebraska Department of Education and Health and Human Services. The goal is to train childcare providers across the state.

What is Special Care?

This training curriculum was originally developed by Child Development Resources in Norge, Virginia through a federally funded project. The updated training includes content based on The Early Childhood Education Environment (ECEE) Indicators which are intended to enhance high quality inclusive practices implemented by early care and education personnel. In addition to the quality indicators, the training provides an opportunity for early childhood professionals to examine the benefits of inclusive early childcare, explore feelings about caring for children with special needs, and become familiar with some of the language and practices of early intervention.

How is the training delivered?

The training is 3 hours in length and is offered virtually.

What have participants said about Special Care?

"I learned new words and terms I didn't know."

"My attitudes changed about providing care for children with disabilities where before I didn't think I could."

“The ideas and materials were awesome. These are things I can use and share at the daycare."

“I honestly feel this should be a requirement! I learned a lot from this training!"

“I really enjoyed this training, and the accompanying materials are VERY helpful!"

How can we bring Special Care to our community?

The training is offered monthly and can be found on the Training Calendar at The Nebraska Early Childhood Training Center https://necprs.ne.gov/training-public.