• Materials, documents, and links related to the 2022 Services Coordination Training, held Monday,

  • Learning objectives for the Services Coordination Online Training include learning about Part C of the IDEA and applicable state regulations; understanding how early intervention for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families is implemented in Nebraska; and understanding a Services Coordinator’s role within the Nebraska Early Development Network.  

  • IFSPweb

    A self-paced tutorial designed to help Nebraska parents and professionals create better Individual Family Service Plans (IFSPs) for young children with disabilities

  • The Getting Ready Approach is a child and parent-focused intervention focused on improving child outcomes.

    These modules are only accessible to planning regions who have attended the Getting Ready Home Visit training provided by the state

  • Understanding the Background of your CAPTA Cases: The Intersection between CAPTA Cases, Maltreated Young Children and the Child Welfare Court System

    This is a free online training for EDN professionals to assist them in their court involved CAPTA cases.

    You will receive a certificate of completion at the end.

    Total training duration: 3 hours

  • Special Care was brought to Nebraska through a coordinated effort of the Nebraska Department of Education and Health and Human Services. The goal is to train childcare providers across the state.